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Coaching young people to take care of one another

Kount on Kindness is focused on increasing caring behavior by teaching children the benefits of unselfishness, kindness, and connection.
Kount on Kindness is the international positivity program created by IGC for clubs, gymnasts, coaches, parents, and fans of gymnastics. The goal is to highlight and reinforce positivity for the benefit of the entire gymnastics community. Pledging to be kind to one another is a pledge to create a more positive atmosphere. IGC is working to create a culture where kindness is a priority to everyone, an environment where kindness is not only practiced, but embraced on a daily basis.

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We encourage all organizations and individuals in the gymnastics community to join Kount on Kindness. By signing the pledge and living out these values, we are aiming to cultivate a positive workout environment for all gymnasts, coaches, and parents.
In a sport that requires constant critique, we have an opportunity to create an atmosphere that builds people up and inspires kindness. Join the movement and help us spread kindness throughout the gymnastics community.

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