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Kount on Kindness Mission Statement

To create a workout environment where everyone feels safe and accepted
To celebrate team diversity and to treat everyone with respect and kindness
To support gymnasts, parents, coaches, and the gymnastics community working in harmony to promote kindness

Why Is Kindness Important?

Dr. Chris Thurber established the idea of Kount on Kindness with IGC Director, Brent Klaus. Their goal is to highlight and reinforce positivity for the benefit of the gymnastics community.

“Some schools and camps have tried zero tolerance policies or harsh punishments to deal with misbehavior. However, recent research suggests that both approaches miss the opportunity to teach young people positive, prosocial behavior. With our Kount on Kindness campaign, IGC leads the way by coaching young people to take care of one another. Kount on Kindness aims to increase caring behavior by teaching kids the social benefits of unselfishness and connection.”

Chris Thurber, board-certified clinical psychologist, author, and teacher is a graduate of Harvard University and UCLA. Dr. Thurber is a workshop leader at International Gymnastics Camp. Each summer, Dr. Thurber educates IGC’s staff on youth development, mental health, summer camp safety, leadership and supervision.

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