Kount on Kindness in the Community

We are proud to have an amazing group of gym clubs, Celebrity Ambassadors, and industry members already a part of the
Kount on Kindness movement!
“When we work together, it makes everyone feel good. Remember, it’s not just how you perform as an individual, it also matters
how you treat one-another. Kount on Kindness!”
– Dr. Chris Thurber

Certified Member Gyms are the KINDEST in the Industry!

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Cardinal Gymnastics

Accomplished their Kount on Kindness goal! "We feel that learning gymnastics is an excellent way for children to improve their flexibility, strength, and endurance and a way to increase their self-confidence. Gymnastics also teaches children to have better discipline and concentration." Cardinal surpassed 80% membership by having a group sign-up day on National Gymnastics Day. 60 out of their 66 gymnasts, 53 parents, and 4 coaches came together. One of their graduating Seniors led the team and the parents in reciting their pledges!

Dynamic Gymnastics (Virginia)

Accomplished their Kount on Kindness goal! This is your place for fun, building core strength, flexibility, confidence and the special feeling that comes from being part of a team.

Harford Gymnastics

Accomplished their Kount on Kindness goal! Come join the Fitness Gymnastics Fun at Harford Gymnastics located in Harford County Maryland! We have gymnastics classes for children ages 1 & up with an enthusiastic staff who teach lessons in a fun and safe environment focusing on elevating each child's self-esteem.

Jardel Gymnastics

Accomplished their Kount on Kindness goal! “Everyone at Jardel is extremely excited and proud to be Kount on Kindness certified. In our gym, we strive to promote kindness, self-confidence and good sportsmanship. We believe that kind thoughts can make you brave, kind words can promote confidence and kind actions can spread happiness.”

Spokane Gymnastics

Accomplished their Kount on Kindness Goal! We exist to make a positive impact in the lives of our students. Our purpose is to develop happy, healthy, confident young men and women. The coaches at Spokane Gymnastics are dedicated to providing a positive atmosphere for all parents, students and staff members.

The KINDEST Gymnastics Celebrities

Each summer we continue to add new Kount on Kindness Ambassadors to the movement!

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