Kount on Kindness in the Community

We are proud to have an amazing group of gym clubs, Celebrity Ambassadors, and industry members already a part of the
Kount on Kindness movement!
“When we work together, it makes everyone feel good. Remember, it’s not just how you perform as an individual, it also matters
how you treat one-another. Kount on Kindness!”
– Dr. Chris Thurber

Certified Member Gyms are the KINDEST in the Industry!

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Little Leapers Inc

45% of the way to their Kount on Kindness Goal! Little Leapers is an innovative, progressive program encompassing movement education, age-appropriate gymnastics and dance FUNdamentals for 18 months of age and up. Our goal is to develop each child’s physical potential and increase self-esteem by providing a successful experience in a non-competitive class environment.

Chameleon Gymnastics

41% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal! Our coaches at Chameleon Gymnastics have developed a lot of champions. Some are champions of national gymnastics competitions, some are champions in their parents' eyes, and others are champions for overcoming personal challenges like chronic shyness, low self-confidence, or even ADD/HD... but one thing is for sure, they're all champions!

Mid Island Gymnastics

32% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal!

Riverview Gymnastics

30% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal! We build strong minds and bodies!

Triumph Gymnastics

28% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal!

The KINDEST Gymnastics Celebrities

Each summer we continue to add new Kount on Kindness Ambassadors to the movement!

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