Kount on Kindness in the Community

We are proud to have an amazing group of gym clubs, Celebrity Ambassadors, and industry members already a part of the
Kount on Kindness movement!
“When we work together, it makes everyone feel good. Remember, it’s not just how you perform as an individual, it also matters
how you treat one-another. Kount on Kindness!”
– Dr. Chris Thurber

Certified Member Gyms are the KINDEST in the Industry!

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Hot Springs Gymnastics

2% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal! Our goal is to expose and influence children positively to all types of new learning experiences. We are very proud to offer gymnastics and sports programs from certified and trained gymnasts and coaches to the children of our community.

Indigo Gymnastics Center

2% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal! At Indigo Gymnastics Center™, we are committed to providing a safe, fun and challenging environment for young gymnasts to excel. Our staff is dedicated to excellence in teaching the sport of gymnastics through motivation, encouragement, and empowerment of the children. We team with the parents to inspire and enable children to realize their potential, believe in themselves, and become achievers in our society.

All Ranks Academy of Gymnastics

1% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal! We will assist individuals to live, cultivate, and maintain a way of life that fosters confidence, self-worth, pride, sportsmanship, and instills a healthy competitive nature.

Apex Athletics

1% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal! At Apex Athletics, our philosophy is to focus on each child's individual needs to ensure that they are gaining self confidence and meeting their own personal goals at their own individual pace.

Arlington Aerials

1% of the way to their Kount on Kindness goal! The health, safety, and happiness of our gymnasts is paramount. With the development of fitness, and learning skills through proper progressions, we strive for each athlete to reach their full potential.

The KINDEST Gymnastics Celebrities

Each summer we continue to add new Kount on Kindness Ambassadors to the movement!

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