Join as a Group or as an Individual

We encourage everyone in the gymnastics community to join Kount on Kindness.
Whether you’re a group or an individual, we have ways for you to join the movement!

Join as a Club, Team, or Organization

Groups can work toward becoming official Certified Gyms. The initial goal to reach Certified status is to have a minimum of 51% of your targeted members sign the pledge; however, you can set any goal beyond that minimum.

Once your group has attained Certified status, you will receive a beautiful banner, a press release, and a personalized video message from a celebrity Kount on Kindness Ambassador.   A huge thank you to International Gymnastics Camp for sponsoring these items!

To register with Kount on Kindness, choose the option that best suits your organization.

  • Option 1: Sign up your members at your organization

    This option is perfect for organizations that plan a kick off event for the Kount on Kindness program at their facility or that have members automatically sign up to Kount on Kindness when they join the organization’s program, team, or staff.

  • Option 2: Have your members sign up online

    Under this option, your organization will be a Kount on Kindness member as soon as you let us know. Your club will reach Certified Gym status when at least 51% of your target members have pledged online.

    Sign The Pledge

For Gymnasts, Parents, Coaches, and More

  • Joining as an individual is easy: Just sign the pledge!

    Individual membership is perfect for people who love gymnastics and the values of Kount on Kindness and may or may not be affiliated with a Kount on Kindness organization.
    Sign The Pledge

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Kount on Kindness Pledge Form

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Gymnast's Pledge:

As a member of the Kount on Kindness community…
I will treat all people with respect and kindness.
I will be a positive role model, in and out of the gym, at practice and at competitions.
I will create a team environment in which all gymnasts feel safe and included.
I will celebrate my teammates’ successes and support my teammates when they are struggling.
I will interact with my teammates and competitors with positivity and kindness.

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